• Different Bet Types in European Roulette

    The european roulette is observed to be gaining popularity in various countries. Some of the factors that contributed to its prominence include the lower house edge, its rules are easy to follow and understand, and players have greater odds in this game. Along with the increasing popularity of the game, many players began to try playing the European roulette. To beginners it will be helpful if they learn the different types of bets that they can place in a round of European roulette.

    For starters, they should know that there are two major kinds of bets that every player can place. These are the inside bet and outside bet. Inside bets refer to the bets placed by players inside the wheel while outside bets are known to be the bets placed outside the roulette wheel. The inside bet is subdivided into five categories which are the straight, split, street, corner and six number line. On the other hand, the outside bet is also subdivided into five categories which are the any black or red, any high or low number, any odd or even, column and dozen.

    To clearly understand the various kinds of bets, it will be better to explain the concepts one by one. A straight bet refers to bets placed in one of the pockets of the wheel. A straight bet can be identified because players put this type of bet in the center of the pocket.

    A split bet is a type of bet placed on the line demarcating the two pockets where a player wants to bet. A street bet is a bet placed on three pockets that are adjacent with each other. A corner bet is a bet placed at the center of four pockets where a player wants to bet. The six-number line bet refers to a bet placed by a player on six numbers.

    Let us move forward and take a look at the different subdivisions of an outside bet. When dealing with an outside bet, players are allowed to bet on the color of the pocket, whether black or red, where the roulette ball will rest. This type of bet is known as any black or red bet. Another kind of an outside bet is the any high or low number bet which refers to a bet placed on a specific range of numbers where a player predicts the ball will stop.

    When players placed their bets on all numbers that are classified as odd or even that bet is known to be an any odd or even type of bet. A column bet refers to bets placed by layers on twelve numbers that belong to the same column. Lastly, a six-number line bet is the bet placed on one of the sections of the wheel that contain twelve numbers.

    Knowing these betting systems is a must to every player. It is recommended that beginners learn these systems before they participate in a game of European roulette. They are also advised to identify which of these bets are efficient or not because it will give them an advantage over other player.