• Joseph Jagger and the Biased European Roulette Wheel

    Just like in any other form of casino game there are european roulette players who became popular throughout the history of the game. Some of them became famous because they made the worst bet in European roulette, while there are some who are known for their excellence in the game. It will be helpful if every roulette player has an idea about them because it will inspire them to enhance their knowledge and skills in playing the European roulette.

    Who is Joseph Jagger? Joseph Jagger is one of the ordinary European roulette players in the 1800s. He is popularly known by roulette players as the "Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo." Joseph Jagger became famous because his winnings which amount to over 2 million francs has been written by European roulette enthusiasts.

    It will be better if we have a grasp on Joseph Jagger's biography. According to historians, he is an engineer who works in a cotton mill during the mentioned century. Many people around him testified that they have observed his fondness for the game even at a young age.

    When he grew up and became an engineer he firmly believed that there are imbalances in roulette wheel and identifying these imbalances will direct a European roulette player to success. He tried to prove his assumption so he sent six people to chart the outcomes of the six roulette wheels at a casino located in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

    Joseph Jagger studied the results of the analysis of his people. From the outcomes, he found out that there is a roulette wheel in the casino that is biased meaning the wheel has an imperfection. After several days he tried the wheel and he won 60,000 pounds. Due to his winnings, the casino decided to rearrange the wheels, so when Joseph Jagger returned he was misled and he began to suffer losses.

    When he experienced losses he realized what the casino has done and found the biased wheel. Lucky for him he was able to relocate the wheel and at the time he won more that 2 million francs or $450,000.

    It is true that some roulette wheels are biased or they have imperfections. However, at the present time roulette players will have a hard time locating which roulette wheel is biased and which is not. Due to the experience of Joseph Jagger, many casinos learned of their mistake and they regularly check their roulette wheels and instantly correct the imperfection if ever they found one in their wheels.

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