• The History of European Roulette

    There are different types of people playing the european roulette. Most of them play the game for the sake of relaxing and having fun. There are also some who just want to experience the game while there are also people who try to excel in playing the game. Players who are serious in building their careers in European roulette are interested in learning every detail of the game which include its rules, betting techniques as well as the timeline or the history of this casino game.

    Knowing how the game started can enhance one's knowledge about the game. Due to people's curiosities, many conducted research about the origin of European roulette. With the support from historians and anthropologists, they were able to gather data which served as the basis for tracing the history of European roulette.

    There are beliefs that the game was played by ancient people living in Egypt. Some say that early Egyptians created a sphere which has various symbols. For their enjoyment, they developed a game wherein a person will put a token on top of the sphere while it is spinning. Just like the present day European roulette, other people will place their bets on the exact symbol where the token will rest. Players who are able to predict the symbol where the token stopped are declared winners.

    Even if many believed that Egyptians created the game, this assumption is not yet proven because anthropologists fail to gather data and evidences that will support such claim. In this regard, historians argue that the game was developed accidentally when a famous mathematician named Blaise Pascal conducted a study about perpetual motion. To prove his theory, Pascal created a wheel that has pockets containing numbers. The mathematician has set the wheel into a spin and threw a ball into the wheel while it is in motion.

    Pascal's concept was adapted in casinos in Europe. The term "roulette" was developed by French in the 1800s. Furthermore, Frenchmen Lois and Francois Blanc added a zero digit in the pockets of the roulette wheel to increase the house edge of the game as well as enhance players' excitement in playing the game. The modification in the game was welcomed whole-heartedly by casino owners and players which led to the creation of European roulette.

    Since then, the game gained its popularity in European nations. Many people became addicted to the game. Due to the advancements in these countries, gambling experts developed a new way to enhance the accessibility of players to European roulette. Hence, the prominence of the Internet became the main element in the creation of online European roulette.

    The timeline of European roulette is important to every player. Knowing the origin of the game will help them better appreciate the game. Furthermore, to casino owners, it will be helpful if they have knowledge on European roulette's history for it may affect the present and future trends in the game.