• Advantages of European Roulette Over American Roulette

    There are alterations in the rules as well as in the structure of the most famous casino game roulette. The changes in how the game is played and alterations in the features of roulette wheel led to the creation of other versions of roulette. The European and American roulette are two of the outcomes of modifications made in the game.

    As mentioned, the two versions are caused by the alterations in roulette rules. Hence, it is just normal that both versions have distinct features. Their unique characteristics have attracted different types of roulette players. But if casino visitors will take a closer look on the two versions, european roulette player have edge over American roulette players.

    Most serious gamblers know that the major advantage of European roulette over American roulette is its number of pockets. It is commonly know that European roulette has 37 pockets while American roulette has 38 pockets. The increase in the number of colored pockets found in American roulette only showed that it has a greater house edge than European roulette.

    When people talk about casino games, house edge is an important element that casino players should always remember. A lesser house edge yields greater odds or chances of winning in a particular game. Since the European roulette has lesser house edge, players will have a greater probability of winning.

    According to studies, choosing European roulette over American roulette is considered one of the best bets in roulette. Studies found that the house edge of European roulette is 2.703 percent while American roulette has a house edge of 5.263 percent. In addition, players still have a chance to lessen the house edge of European roulette to 1.4 percent. This incident happens when the ball rests in the colored pocket that has the zero-digit because if this case occurs, the bets placed by players in the round are still qualified in the following round.

    It is a fact that one of the major reasons why people visit casinos and play casino games is to increase their money. By playing European roulette, casino goers have a better chance of attaining their goal. Aside from the greater odds it offers to serious players and casino visitors, the enjoyment and excitement experienced by European roulette players are the same with the people playing the other versions of the game. Hence, most gambling experts suggest new roulette players to choose playing the European roulette than the American roulette.